Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Success Stories

I am a 47 year old woman who has been suffering with chronic joint pain and insomnia for years. I have been to 2 Northern Nevada doctors over the years and complained of my pain and insomnia. I was suffering from mood swings and intense hot flashes as well. I was told I was perimenopausal and that there was nothing that could be done for me. The joint pain was becoming more debilitating as time went on, yet my doctors would not listen to me. In June of this year I had my blood work done by yet another new Doctor. I was sure the results were something horrific like cancer or whatever crazy diagnosis I found online. Much to my dismay. I was told everything was within the normal range. I thought, well girl this is what getting older is and I must be a complainer with a very low threshold for pain! Thankfully a dear friend of mine who had been begging me to see Dr. Clearfield for the past few months demanded I go see him once! I brought in the results of my blood work from 2 weeks prior and talked with Dr. Clearfield about my symptoms. He ordered new blood work and discovered I have a thyroid deficiency called Hashimoto Disease! I was so thrilled to know I was not a hypochondriac! He started me on a treatment plan and within a week my joints stopped aching!! He also talked to me about a gluten free diet. In 4 weeks I lost 11 lbs with the RX and diet suggestions. I’m easing back into exercise as it no longer hurts to move. My hot flashes are a thing of the past. I still suffer from insomnia but am having some more blood work done tomorrow and have no doubt in my mind Dr. Clearfield will help me figure this out! I am eternally grateful for Dr. Clearfield for changing the course of my life!

Taylor G., Reno NV.

Clearfield has made the most dramatic difference in my quality of life; he is truly amazing!

M.M. Sparks, NV.

Lost 50 pounds and feel great. Hot flashes and arthritis are gone. He is a ROCK STAR!

E. Reno, NV.

Fantastic bedside manner!!! Super Doctor!!! great staff ,friendly always informative.

J. Reno, N.V.

Clearfield’s approach to medicine was way beyond most back here. In Northeast Pennsylvania. I miss him and I am having one heck of a time. trying to find someone to replace him.

M.C. West Pittston, Pa.

Dr B is amazing!!! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!!!

S., Reno, NV.

Contact at: Dr William Clearfield

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