Aesthetics by Judi


My journey began in 2001. I decided to enroll in beauty school and take the aesthetician course. I struggled with acne from age 22 to 48. I found no cure, or answers as to the whys or the how’s.

Nineteen years later, practicing aesthetics in the Reno, NV area, I have learned the proper balance of environment, life, and skin care. My white hot imperative is to help others to achieve what I’ve achieved, healthy skin.

Professional Skin Treatment Guide

Waxing-Delivers Smooth Skin
Complete Face Wax (Facial Cleansing, Serum, SPF) $55.00
Brow Design $20.00
Back Wax (Full) $50.00 & up
Leg Wax (Full) $60.00
Leg Wax (Half) $30.00
Arm Wax (Full) $30.00
Brazilian Wax (Male) $75.00
Brazilian Wax (Male-6 pack) $400.00
Brazilian Wax (Female) $65.00
Brazilian Wax (Female-6 pack) $340.00
Tinting-Delivers Color, Depth, Texture
Brow and Lash Tint $45.00
Brow (Only) Tint $25.00
Lash (Only) Tint $30.00
Lash Perm and Tint $75.00
Exfoliation: Resurface and Recover
Vita-Brite-Enzyme Therapy to Brighten, Firm, & Hydrate $90.00
Pumpkin Definer-Combats Acne and Aging Skin $90.00
Salicylic Definer-Combats Acne to Heal, Treat, Revive $85.00
Hydroxy Rebuilder-Natural “Botox” No Injections $85.00
Lactic Refine-Stabilizes Hormonally Imbalanced Skin $85.00
Mineral Retinol Skin Resurfacer-Acne, Photodamage Add on to any other treatment $90.00
Derma Plane Facial-Removes Vellus Hair and Dead Skin $45.00
Green Power Rebuilder-Herbal Solution to Open $90.00
Channels, Improve Hydration, and Correct Wrinkles $90.00
Advanced Technology
Microdermabrasion-Diamond tipped wand to exfoliate and repair uneven skin surfaces $90.00
Galvanic Facial Treatment-DC introduction of water-soluble products to combat mature dehydrated skin $100.00
Microcurrent-Stimulates collagen generation in the dermal layer to provide lift to sagging facial muscles $130.00
Other Services
Hand Paraffin Glove-Soothes arthritis, relieves muscle fatigue, and hydrates the hands $25.00
Radiofrequency Blemish Removal-Skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, brown spots $50.00 and Up

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