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Four “Quick Start” Methods to Achieve a Healthy Weight

“Quick” is in in parentheses because, time and again, those of us in the healthcare community hear the refrain, “I want to lose weight,” and when admonished that “slow is the way to go,” “it’s a learning process with many facets, and no I’m not hiding the secret pill, mystery drink or magic shot enables us to eat, drink, and exercise (or not) as we want while maintaining a lean, healthy physique.  If only.

Calories count, fats needs burning, hormones need balancing, sleep needs adequacy, stress needs containment, and lifestyles need adjustment to realize a healthy weight.

To get started, we present the “ticket in the door,” our four-pronged Quick Start Weight Loss Program.  Each method is a stand-alone, useful in its own right.  To achieve maximum effect as quickly as possible, we combine programs to deliver a powerful plan to combat those stubborn pounds.

The Four Quick Start Plans are:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Human Choriogonadotropin Plus Restricted Calorie Diet
  3. Liquid Protein Diet
  4. Mini-Fast with Bone Broth and Exercise

With each of these plans we combine a solid dietary program with appropriate pharmaceutical grade supplementation and online support.  We strongly recommend a consultation with one of our staff members.

Weight Loss Program

Once you have completed the Quick Start phase, you will be transitioned to our maintenance phase-The Clearfield Medical Group Paleo Maintenance Plan.

Quick Start Plan 1-Detoxification

The Clearfield Medical Group Ultimate Lifestyle Plan begins with a hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory detoxification process.   If the thought of a detox program sends gives you the “willies”  Phase One was designed for you.  Gentle and easy to follow, it is designed to help the liver clear impurities and manage nutrient metabolism.

Phase One includes our highly specific detoxification diet and two Clearfield Medical Group Ultimate Detox/Cleanse functional food powder drink mix packets, and two Amino-D-Tox and Hydrolyzyme packets per day.

Quick Start Plan 2-The HCG Diet

Human Chorio Gonadotropin (HCG) in injectable (preferred), or drop form (less effective), but no shots involved, coupled with a very low calorie (500-800) diet available online, or follow the simple instructions in the Quick Start Plan 3 manual for those looking to lose 50 or more pounds.

Quick Start Plan 3-The Liquid Protein Rapid Weight Loss Program

A 2-20-week plan (it can be short or prolonged as long as you follow the guidelines) to maintain lean muscle while losing fat.   Drink 34 All Natural, No Sugar, No Artificial Sweetener Shakes, we prefer Solutions 4, while eating 1-2 meals per day mated to our Detox Supplement and 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Quick Start Plan 4- Mini-Fast with Bone Broth and Exercise

Fasting is the willing abstinence or reduction from certain or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time, usually 24 hours.  “Mini-fasting” is the willful abstinence of food, substituting fluids and/or bone broth, and participating in aerobic fitness activity during the time of the missed meal.

Under careful supervision, mini-fasting is a surefire way to burn fat, lose weight and improve your mental and physical fitness. Though it seems daunting at first, barriers to mini-fasting are usually more mental than physical.  We recommend the Liquid Protein regimen first to prepare one for the fast.  After only a few days, the mini fast seems quite natural.

For the Long Haul: The Clearfield Medical Group’s Paleo Maintenance Plan.

The Clearfield Medical Group’s Maintenance Plan, otherwise known as the Ultimate Lifestyle Plan incorporates a high protein, low carbohydrate model for weight control and inflammation reduction.  We feature our “Chinese Restaurant Method,” a food from to properly mix and match food types.

The Homework Assignments

Over the years, we at the Clearfield Medical Group, began to realize that success in weight loss, and keeping it off begins from the neck up.  We offer an eight-week series of challenges, queries and exercises to answer that age old dilemma, “What do I want to Be When I Grow Up.”

Getting you on a path toward what you really want in life brings rewards far beyond simply losing weight.  Achieving one’s life long, often hidden goals, usually brings out the best in all of us.  When we are on our on “right” path, losing weight becomes a pleasure, not a chore.

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