PRP Joint Project


PRP injections are all the rage in top athletes looking to return to the field quickly.  Tendonitis, muscle tears, ligament injuries, torn meniscus, and mild to moderate arthritic joints dysfunction are prime candidates for PRP injections..

The PRP Joint Project typically requires two injections 28 days apart.  Rarely, a third injection is necessary.  Local anesthetic agents are not injected as some resources claim anesthetic agents not only could have toxic effects on chondrocytes but could also influence the activation of platelet by changing the pH of the environment. (1)

PRP Joint Project

PRP Joint Project Indications (2-4)

SpineAnkle and FootArthritic Joints
Sacroiliac JointChronic Ligament StrainHip/Pelvic/SI Joint Pin
Iliolumbar LigamentsChronic Achilles TendonosisPiriformis Syndrome
Facet JointsChronic Partial Tendon TearGreater Trochanteric Bursitis
Interspinous LigamentsPlantar FasciitisSacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Hamstring Strain
ElbowsLower LegIschial Tuberosity Bursitis
Ulnar Collateral LigamentCalf PainHip Joint Arthritis
Distal Biceps Tendon TearOsteonecrosis of the Femoral Head
Symphysis Pubes Pain
Wrist and HandKnee
Chronic Thumb SprainPatellar Tendonitis
Joint ArthritisOsgood-Schlatter’s Disease
Quadriceps Strain or Tear
ShoulderDegenerative Arthritis
Rotator Cuff-Partial TearsRheumatoid Arthritis
Biceps TendinosisChondromalacia Patella
Chronic Glenohumeral Ligament SprainEnthesopathy
Acromio-Clavicular Joint Dysfunction and Pain
Levator Scapulae Tendinosis
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