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The Liquid Protein Diet Weight Loss Plan in Reno


Our simple 2-20-week liquid protein diet weight loss plan in Reno can be as short or long, assuming you follow the guidelines, as you wish.  Designed to maintain lean muscle while losing fat, we recommend 34 all natural, no sugar, no artificial sweetener Solutions 4 shakes.  Great tasting, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and safe for diabetics, Solutions 4 are a real treat.  Eat 1-2 meals per day, described below, take our Detox Supplement as an added bonus and 8-10 glasses of water per day for a well-rounded, nutritionally complete program.

Fasting for spiritual or health reasons is as old as recorded history.  Complete fasting for weight loss purposes, is the maximum possible caloric deficit one could achieve. (1)  The protein sparing modified fast (PSMF) takes advantage of the positive aspects of fasting, improved blood pressure, blood sugar control, and lipids, while minimizing the risks. (2)

By placing the body in starvation mode, while providing enough protein and nutrients to avoid deficiencies, we get the metabolic benefits of fasting without the downside risk.  The key is to consume adequate amounts of high quality protein along with enough supplements to fulfill the body’s minimum daily requirements with this excellent plan for weight loss.

The basics of a PSMF are:(3)

  1. Less than 1000 calories (We recommend 500-800 calories/day)
    Review “What to Eat” Chart below.
  2. High quality protein-1.5 grams/kg of ideal body weight
  3. 1-2 servings of a non-starchy vegetable
  4. Vitamin and nutrient supplementation to provide
  5. 1.5 liters (8-10 glasses) of fluid/day-flavor with lemon or lime.
  6. 5 grams of sea salt/day

A general rule of thumb for the portion size of each meal is:                 

Protein-amount of food is the size of palm

Fruits, vegetables-amount of food is quantity you can cup in your hand. (i.e. “scoop” from a salad bowl from your favorite buffet.

No fruit juices, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, dried fruits, fast foods.

Watery fruits, while better than candy bars, are high in natural sugars.

Low fat, low calorie salad dressings often are high in sugar content.

We prefer Braggs Amino Acids or Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice.

Keep a food diary.

No alcoholic beverages.

No white bread, white flour.  It’s best if you have no breads, even multigrain at all.

Oil based cosmetics and moisturizers are absorbed as calories from the skin.  Stay away.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast

CMG Appetite Control

To ensure adequate energy nutrients and maintain a sense of wellbeing we recommend our CMG Appetite Control.  Formulated by Xymogen, it contains neurotransmitter precursors and converting nutrients to satisfy the “reward cascade” of the brain.

Satisfying the “reward cascade” of the brain reduces cravings for harmful substances such as drugs, alcohol and inflammatory carbohydrates.  Mood swings and energy improve.  Restoring the major brain neurotransmitters carries an added bonus, a sense of calm and well-being.

Ingredients include: Vitamin C 500 mg, Vitamin B-6 37.5 mg, Chromium picolinate 60 mcg., dl-Phenylalanine 1000 mg., L-Tyrosine 750 mg., L-Glutamine 375 mg., and 5 HTP 75 mg.


Your Daily Schedule

What to Eat Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Snack
Protein  Liquid Protein Liquid Protein



Liquid Protein Liquid Protein 1 Serving Liquid Protein or Snack
Carbohydrate Weight Loss Supple-



  Liquid Protein   1 Serving  
Fat         1 Serving  

Routine assumes meal is at dinner.  Can substitute dinner for lunch.

Water: 8-10 Glasses per day

Sea Salt 1/2 teaspoonful per day


Solutions 4 Protein Shakes

Unlike liquid protein plans in the past, we recommend Solutions 4 contains whey protein combined with ultra-low impact carbohydrates to curb appetite and build muscle tone.  Probiotics and digestive enzymes are added help the body breakdown and utilize key macronutrients as well as improve digestive health.  Our nutritional shakes provide the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure a proper balance of nutrients in the body.

One serving contains 180 calories, provides 20 grams of protein,10 grams of low glycemic carbs, 5 grams of soluble fiber, 0 grams of sugar, 8 billion units of probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Our shakes are gluten free, soy free, lactose free and 100% all natural.


To mix, add 2 scoops of shake powder with 8 oz. of water and within 20 seconds an amazing tasting, sugar free meal replacement shake is yours to enjoy.  Comes in chocolate, vanilla, orange and strawberry.

Our PSMF, CMG Rapid Weight Loss Method is a low-calorie, high-protein program that minimizes the muscle wasting and nutrient deficiency issues of traditional fasting.  It is temporary, a kick-start when beginning, or a revival for individuals “stuck” on a plateau.  Ultimately we want to transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.  The PSMF is the ticket in the door.

In summary:

  1. 3-4 high protein, low carbohydrate, nutrient dense shakes per day
  2. 1 meal (see below for construction and recipes for other ideas)

In Case of Emergency:

Having a bad day?  Put on a couple of pounds?  Catch up with our “Quick Recovery Method,”

The 1 DaySteak Day

  1. Eat only one apple or one tomato during the day
  2. Eat a large portion (6-12 oz.) of anything listed in Column A below, meat, fish, chicken or vegetarian protein for dinner.
  3. Drink only water (100 oz.)
  4. Do not do this for more than 24 hours.

Red meat provides a larger amount of slow-digesting protein than your body needs for cellular recovery at night.  Animal based protein is satiating.  It is a natural appetite suppressant. Meat proteins are thermogenic; they act as a fat burner.

Apples and tomatoes provide fiber and enzymes to keep proteins moving.  No constipation here.


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  2. Barrows, Kathleen Krueger. Effect of a Protein-sparing Modified Fast on Basal Metabolism, Body Composition, Serum Thyroid Hormones, and Energy Maintenance Needs of Obese Middle-aged Women. 1982.
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Rapid Weight Loss Programs

What to Eat on theProtein Sparing Modified Fast- (500-800 Calories/D)

Protein (100 grams)
Chicken Breast (Skinless)
Turkey Breast (Skinless)
Buffalo (Steak or Ground)
White Fish-fresh)
Albacore Tuna
Egg Whites (3 or ½ cup Egg Substitute)
½ Grapefruit  LiquidsTea, coffee, Mineral Water
Lemon, Lime juice
Braggs Amino Acids
1 tbsp. ½ and ½, fat free
Vegetables (1 cup/meal)
Salad Green
Leafy greens, lettuce
Red Radishes
Yellow squash
Broccoli, Cauliflower
(2/d or 2 cups/d)
Olive Oil (1 tsp/d)
Coconut Oil
Canola Oil
Avocado Oil
Spritzer’s Salad Dressing
Braggs Amino Acids and Lemon Juice

Weight Loss Diet with Bone Broth and Exercise

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