Pro IGF (+)


Pro IGF+ powder is a proprietary blend of L-arginine and other essential amino acids designed to naturally stimulate muscle protein synthetic pathways. L-arginine is suggested to enhance multiple domains of physical performance, and play a role in circulating growth hormone (GH) levels, especially in males. Natural GH production is attenuated as part of natural aging, subsequently reducing IGF-1 release, inhibiting production of myoblasts, i.e., precursors to muscle cells.



The highlighted ingredient in this proprietary amino acid blend is L-arginine, converted in the body into the potent vasodilator nitric oxide (NO): as the precursor for endogenous NO, it is oftentimes synonymous for creating the ‘pump’ sensation experienced by many resistance athletes.

Via its suggested ability to cause expansion of blood vessels and improve blood flow, coupled with purported abilities to increase GH, it has become a popular supplement for many seeking to maximize exercise potential. Based on reports, physicians are recommending this product for patients to promote lean muscle mass and aid in injury recovery.

Other suggested treatment options may include weight management (i.e. via increased metabolic effects), joint discomfort, arthritis relief, improved sexual performance in men, and increased patient perception of vitality.

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