How To Do Acupuncture To Yourself Guys To Help In The Bedroom

Dr. William Clearfield at The Clearfield Medical Group is a Reno medical doctor and Acupuncturist He reveals acupuncture secrets for men to increase their libido and “Slow your roll”.



Do your best not to laugh while we talk with one of the best Reno Doctors that uses his 30+ years of experience as a Local Reno acupuncturist in combination with traditional medical treatments.  Dr. Clearfield creates a custom treatment plan for your personal needs utilizing functional medicine that gives you an alternative medical choice.

Dr. William Clearfield is a medical doctor that also specializes in thyroid problems, anti-aging, and non-surgical facelift options.

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Everybody this is Jeffrey Munson with the local business Reno and today again
we’re here with dr. William Clearfield t the Clearfield Medical Group and we are having your
health and wellness tip of the day. We’re going to talk about a subject that is near and
dear to most guys. If you are having some problems in the bedroom, we’re
going to show you a couple of acupressure points that will help your libido.
There is there one for girls we will get
to next time. It’s so clean and
it’s so slick you can be with someone and they’re not even gonna know what
you’re doing. We are using acupunture points but you will be doing acupressure.
The first one is in the inside of your knee cap. Feel the energy guide right here
feel that little soft. So just so over
the top of the knee cap right where we’re between the knee in the soft
spot right there you’re going to feel it’s going to feel a little bit sore

All right so guys when you’re on a date because when you’re nervous we can rub
our leg and knees. You can press your acupuncture point and she won’t even know you are
getting your mojo.

Reno acupuncturist expert tip number two is right at the base of the palm, right in
the center of the wrist you’re going to see these little lines here take that
little wrist creases and right with square between the two. This is where
the two meats in the palm meet right there.

It actually works for girls too especially if you want to kind of rub it lightly.

Acupuncturist in Reno

Now tip number 3 is a bonus. To keep yourself from going over the edge too soon, you’re
going to squeeze right on the inner part of your arm, right below the elbow crease on the inside when
you bend your arm.

That has been your mans wellness tip of the day for libido.

Watch the video for more detailed instructions and the special bonus to turn on your woman’s libido.

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