Functional Alternative Medicine In Reno With Natural Solutions For Busy People Who Want To More Energy, Less Stress, And Better Health

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

Do you experience any one of these?

  • You have less power and energy than you had.
  • You feel a more bewildered by your busy life.
  • You experience pain or various other wellness issues.
  • You feel your quality of life is suffering.

These kinds of problems take you from your normal life. They keep you from appreciating the important things you like to do and tear down your performance.

If you are prepared to get your old…or should we say “young” life back, the absolute best way to do this is with a natural approach that collaborates with your body’s own recovery abilities. This functional alternative medicine in Reno, approach is powerful, safe, effective and reliable.

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Western medicine and its medical professionals are the finest worldwide for managing acute treatment such as the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or short-duration diseases seeking urgent care. For instance, a distressing car accident, appendicitis, or a fractured leg. For such scenarios, standard medicine is the perfect approach!

Yet to keep away persistent problems or diseases, to far better control or even turn around disease states and also debilitation, and also to educate and teach people in the art and also science of health and self-healing in Reno, alternative functional medicine is better fit for creating and keeping a higher high quality of life well right into one’s more mature years.

The majority of medical professionals are educated to look only in particular for the responses, making use of the same labs or diagnostic examinations. Yet, several reasons for an ailment can not always be found this way. The normal tests do not seek food allergies, hidden infections, environmental toxic substances, mold exposures, nutritional shortages as well as metabolic imbalances.

At the Clearfield Medical Group we are highly experienced in examining, assessing and dealing with chronic problems and various other persistent, complex conditions.

We also concentrate on the prevention and treatment of thyroid and various hormone problems for both men and women.

As soon as the testing has been completed and evaluated a personalized custom treatment plan is created for the individual patient.

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The most effective integrative medication is the mix of methods and techniques of natural medicine with traditional medicine.  We recognize healthful results by establishing therapy plans which attract from both Eastern and Western medical practices. We use clinically proven standard treatments in combination with alternate therapies. Our core principles include alternative health care concentrated on the very best results and adjust the treatment as the patient progresses.

Functional medicine in Reno makes use of botanicals and also other forms of dietary supplements rather than pharmaceuticals. With functional medicine, “getting old” is not exactly what it used to be, anti-aging is currently a science, and enhanced optimal living is the new normal way of life for individuals of every age.



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