Non-Surgical Vampire Breast Lift™ in Reno


The Vampire Breast Lift™ in Reno is a non-surgical breast lift procedure that adds volume by way of a dermal filler to all the “right places,” followed by a proprietary polishing and sculpting process using platelet rich plasma (PRP).  PRP contributes to the appearance of younger-looking breasts with improved skin quality, color, texture and sensitivity.

What Does the Vampire Breast Lift™ Do?

Tired, worn and droopy are no way to go through life describing your breasts.  Unfortunately, as we age, the perky, rosy hue of youth fades to a dull shade of gray.

The Vampire Breast Lift changes:

  • Your skin color back to the rosy hue of youth promoting underlying blood flow.
  • Your shape to a plump, ripe fullness, increasing collagen and develops muscle tissue.
  • Your skin texture reverts to the smooth softness of yesteryear.
  • Your nipples regain their sensitivity, pertness and fullness of color.

Is The Vampire Breast Lift™ Right for You?

Breast implants and surgery are classically necessary to lift and enlarge the breast in an effort to restore a more youthful appearance. However, implants and a surgical breast lift can lead to a rippled appearance and nipple numbness. The Vampire Breast Lift strives to bring without surgery, breast lift results volume too droopy, worn or sagging breasts, improve nipple sensitivity, texture, color and integrity of the breast for clients in Reno.

Dr. Clearfield is one of a handful of select physicians trained, certified and licensed to administer this innovative method using your own blood platelets and growth factors to rejuvenate your pelvis, enhance nerve sensitivity, and deliver enduring improvement in sexual function.

Adding the Vampire Breast Lift™ to Dr. Clearfield’s proprietary Hormone Replacement Program, recently presented to well over 3000 physicians at the May, 2016 Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s 24th World Congress in Hollywood, Florida, you realize you are in the hands of a master practitioner delivering cutting edge medical technology.

Dr. Clearfield’s thirty plus years’ experience in family medicine, aesthetics, medical acupuncture, and women’s health issues, enables him to customize a treatment plan optimally suited to your needs and desires.

The Vampire Breast Lift™

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