Platelet Rich Plasma Joint Injections in Reno

Joint pain significantly impacts your physical well-being and functioning due to inflammation and tissue damage. While typical treatments aim to relieve discomfort, Platelet Rich Plasma  join injections in Reno go right to the source of the problem. Plasma  containing platelets from your blood is extracted via a proprietary process and then injected into affected joints. The goal: To improve joint pain by promoting new and healthy cell growth.

PRP joint injections at Clearfield Medical Group are done with ultrasound guidance to ensure correct placement of the plasma, are minimally invasive, organic, and a practical choice for treating joint pain.  We recommend Dr. William Clearfield to help you improve your comfort and mobility.

Understanding Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Joint Injections

PRP joint injections begin with a simple blood draw.  Growth factors are extracted from the blood plasma and injected into joint tissue.  These growth factors stimulate regeneration and regrow of damaged tissue.

Typically PRP injections manage pain from osteoarthritis the knee, shoulder, elbows, ankles, cervical and lumbar spines

By employing YOUR  blood, PRP injections utilize natural growth factors to promote your body’s natural healing process From this, the tissue in the injured area repairs itself by forming new, healthy cells. Results include reduced joint pain and improved physical functioning of the affected area.

Though conventional cortisone injections for joint issues diminish inflamed cells’ activity to reduce swelling and pain, they also negatively impact healthy cells’ activity. PRP joint injections ensure  healthy cell activity is unaffected for a more effective treatment of joint problems.

How Can PRP Joint Injections Improve Your Health?

Since PRP injections use your own blood, the procedure reduces potential risks. Essentially, the injections are a concentrated form of platelets that promote tissue rebuilding and reduce joint inflammation. The injections’ growth factors stimulate new, healthy blood vessel production into damaged areas resulting in increased circulation while eliminating unhealthy, damaged cells.

Compared to other types of treatments available in Reno, PRP joint injections at the Clearfield Medical Group are a more effective solution to joint and tissue pain. PRP joint injections tackle the source of pain rather than simply reducing symptoms.  Further, PRP joint injections accelerates the body’s healing process for a quicker solution to joint pain. In the months after receiving PRP joint injections from Dr. C, significant improvement of mobility and physical comfort occurs.

Though a single PRP injection session results in a dramatic improvement of joint pain, several sessions with Dr. C may be more beneficial. Yearly follow-up injections help maintain the treatment’s results for long-term benefits.

PRP Joint Injections Improve Pain and Function in Reno

PRP joint injections in Reno resolve joint pain by stimulating healthy cell growth to replace damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. The injections are made up of platelets from your blood to ensure a natural composition with reduced risks of adverse side effects.

PRP joint injections are an ideal treatment choice for ankle, knee, shoulder, and elbow pain as they treat the problem’s source rather than mask symptoms. After treatment from Dr. C at the Clearfield Medical Group, your mobility and physical comfort significantly improves for a better quality of life. If you are suffering from joint pain, PRP joint injections are the best choice for relief.


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