Ladies, This Is A Way To Start Your Libido With Acupuncture Points That You Can Do Yourself.

Dr. Willam Clearfield at the Clearfield Clearfield Medical Group is a Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist in Reno. He is revealing acupuncture points that ladies can press themselves to help stimulate their libido’s.

The video below is fun to watch for men as much as women. Guys, you are going to want to watch this one and thank the best Reno acupuncturist for giving these tips.



Here are some acupunture that you can do yourself by doing acupressure. Last week we helped the men sex drive and today we’re talking about taking care of the girls sex drive. Because we don’t want to leave them out after the guys have taken care of theirs.

So as everybody knows by now our practice is heavy on using both Eastern and Western medical practices and often using acupuncture, which is putting needles in different places to effect nerves to create changes in the body.

I am a medical doctor that has been practicing acupuncture for 29 years. So I am a Medical Acupuncturist, it’s kind of our official term.

Acupuncturist in Reno


Okay, girls for your libido we’re going to use three points. Two of them are actually on the lower leg.  The first one you are going to take your hand and you’re going to find your ankle bone right here you’re going to put your pinky right on the the ankle bone right in the center of the leg right there where that falls. We’re going to do that on both sides. That’s going to call up your ancestral energy. So it’s the pinky of the ankle it’s that it’s yes this is called the medial malleolus at medical doctor world so that the bone of the ankle here on the inside forefinger pressed all your fingers right in the center right there and it should feel a little bit sore at tender yeah if it doesn’t you just move it around until you feel it tender.

Now the second one is similar to the man on the hand at the center of the palm right here wrist crease, right where the where the palm means but for the guys remember we had a push kind of hard we’re rough with the men but that is a little bit rough for the gals. We just want to kind of rub it nice and soft. okay right and just rub it back and forth lightly to go. Guys this is a good one for you to do for the women. She will like it.

The third one is also on the leg you’re going to put your hand on her kneecap okay drop your middle finger as far as it goes you’re going to go down three notches. One, two, three and then one over
you’re going to feel it. So we’re going to go put your put your hand on that one or kneecap on the outside of the bone if you go down you’re going to feel a couple of notches just hit at two three and then you’re going to go over a little bit and then go the center the center of the inside of the leg.

So to recap from you friendly neighborhood acupuncturist in Reno.
The first one was one way is medial malleolus four finger center of the inside of the leg, the outer part of the knee three notches down and over the center of the outer part of the leg. That’s stomach 41 if you want to look it up in your book.

The second one, it’ll be here right at the center of the meat right here but rub it lightly.
Third is on the leg on side of kneecap, down three notches.

Best is shown on the video. So watch it, have some fun.

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