Xeomin in Reno

Dynamic facial wrinkles are skin creases that form on the face due to repeated muscle movements. Affected areas include the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes and lips. Xeomin in Reno is a cosmetic injection available at the Clearfield Medical Group aiming to reduce dynamic facial wrinkles by restricting facial muscles’ movement at the source.

Reducing facial muscle movements results in smoother skin for a more youthful appearance, Dr. William Clearfield uses Xeomin injections to treat disorders that lead to uncontrollable muscle movements or spasms.  The benefits of Xeomin are substantial, lasting about three months per treatment cycle.

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin is a less expensive cosmetic injection alternative to Botox. Indicated for reducing wrinkles, Xeomin temporarily relaxes muscles by blocking messages between nerves within the muscles. This action decreases repetitive muscle movements that result in wrinkles, resulting in smoother, firmer, youthful skin.

Types of wrinkles that improve with Xeomin include frown lines, crow’s feet, and lines above the lips.  Xeomin injections in Reno also treats several other health conditions relating to muscle movements. Significant benefits of Xeomin are reduced risks of allergic reactions and, unlike other cosmetic options, tolerance buildup over time due to the injection composition of a single ingredient is eliminated.

Benefits of Xeomin Injections

Xeomin injections are well known for its significant reduction of deep wrinkles that result from repeated muscle movements. Typically, the injections relax the facial muscles, whose repetitive actions result in wrinkles on several areas of the face. Lasting for several months, results are apparent three to five days after treatment..

There is no recovery time after treatment.  Dr. C recommends avoid rubbing injection sites several hours afterward. Once any swelling or redness at the injection sites subsides, your skin looks significantly smoother and younger.

Xeomin injections also for treat several other health conditions relating to muscles in adults in Reno.

Dr. C uses Xeomin injections to reduce muscle spasms in the upper arms, neck, and eyes for improved physical comfort. Further, he injects Xeomin to treat stiffness in the arms, elbows, ankles, toes, wrists, and fingers. Lastly, Xeomin injections alleviate eye muscle conditions resulting from nerve disorders including uncontrollable blinking, eyelid spasms, and strabismus.

Xeomin Injections in Reno Go Beyond Wrinkle Reduction

When thinking of injections that restrict muscle movement, most people are aware of the cosmetic benefits. The premier use of Xeomin in Reno is to reduce dynamic facial wrinkles due to repetitive muscle movements. These injections also lessen the symptoms of nerve disorders resulting in muscle spasms and stiffness.

Xeomin injections work by stopping signals between nerves that direct muscles to move, reducing associated symptoms. The effects of treatment at the Clearfield Medical Group are noticeable after a few days and last for up to 12 weeks. Regular treatment is necessary

to maintain results.  When looking to reduce dynamic facial wrinkles or control muscle spasms, call Dr. C to discuss Xeomin injections.


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