Radiesse in Reno

While you enjoy laughing and smiling, you may not like the wrinkles and skin fold it causes. You may notice your features losing volume as collagen production and skin elasticity lessen over time as you age. Luckily, Clearfield Medical Group offers a cosmetic treatment that reduces wrinkles and restores volumes for a younger appearance: Radiesse dermal fillers.

Radiesse dermal injections, composed of natural chemicals already found in the body, are a non-invasive method to improving your face’s appearance without needing any recovery time. Results are quickly noticeable and last for up to two years after initial treatment. Rejuvenating your appearance is quick and non-invasive with Radiesse in Reno.

What are the Benefits of Radiesse Treatment?

Radiesse dermal injections in Reno aim to reduce wrinkles, and smooth skin folds on the face for a healthier and younger appearance. The injections are composed of naturally occurring phosphate and calcium elements found in the body for a natural treatment. Additionally, Radiesse stimulates collagen production, a key component of healthy skin that retains strength and elasticity.

Dr. William Clearfield typically injects this treatment into areas around the nose and mouth to reduce laugh and lip lines. The injections could also restore volume to cheeks and the lips for an enhanced, eye-catching appearance. Individuals may also choose to have injections placed in the chin, back of the hands, and jawline to increase volume and reduce wrinkles in these areas.

Results are immediately noticeable after treatment, with final results apparent after one week. Cosmetic enhancements from Radiesse could last up to two years after the procedure but will need follow-up treatments at Clearfield Medical Group to maintain results. Since Radiesse uses biocompatible material, the treatment is suitable for individuals of all skin types.

Possible Side Effects and Risks of Radiesse

Any cosmetic treatment poses a few risks and side effects, including Radiesse dermal fillers. Radiesse injections for the face may result in itching, redness, bruising, swelling, and pain at injection sites. For the hands, the treatment could lead to similar side effects in addition to a loss of sensation, lumps, nodules (abnormal tissue growth), and decreased motion.

Individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a history of bleeding disorders should avoid Radiesse injections. Additionally, Radiesse should not be administered to patients with an active skin infection as it may worsen symptoms.

A rare risk of Radiesse is an injection of the treatment into a blood vessel instead of muscle tissue. If this occurs, side effects could include temporary scabbing, permanent scarring, skin discoloration, severe pain, abnormal vision, blindness, and stroke. However, Dr. C is well-trained in the administration of Radiesse and can work carefully to reduce the risks of these side effects.

Achieve a More Youthful Appearance with Radiesse in Reno

Wrinkles and reduced volume in your hands, chin, and face could lead to an aged appearance that decreases your confidence. Radiesse aims to fix these cosmetic concerns using natural chemicals without the need to go under the knife. These dermal fillers could enhance your cheeks and lips, smoothen facial wrinkles, and restore volume to the chin and hands for an improved appearance.

Though there are a few risks to consider, the cosmetic benefits of Radiesse are worthwhile, and results could last for up to two years. For a quick and effective method to reducing facial wrinkles and enhancing features, seek Radiesse in Reno with the Clearfield Medical Group.


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