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Human Chorionicgonadotropin, the “pregnancy” hormone, or HCG, has a long, history in the annals of weight loss. Coupled with a very low calorie diet, it is, with proper supervision, a safe, effective form of rapid weight loss. We view the HCG Diet, along with our other Quick Start Programs as “tickets in the door.”



Human Choriogonadotropin signals the brain, specifically the hypothalmus, to burn fat and suppress hunger. The result? Reduced appetite, reduced abdominal fat stores, improved energy and a heighten sense of well-being.

(Incidentally, HCG levels in pregnancy are 2000 times a level achieved with our HCG dose, so no worries there.)

The HCG Diet requires a low calorie diet while eating from a strict list of foods. (See below.) Consistency in HCG administration and strict adherence to the diet determines success.

A minimum of 25 days is necessary to reset your metabolic rate. A maximum of 50 days is recommended for HCG administration and the very low calorie diet (VLCD) as the body adapts and can build antibodies, i.e. become immune to the hormone, leading to a “rebound” of weight gain.

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