Functional Alternative Medicines In Reno Nv are Popular, But Do Any of Them Really Work?

Medicine has long touted alternative medicine in Reno like acupuncture, homeopathy, and the like as harmful rubbish that takes advantage of the gullible. Time and again, carefully regulated research studies have revealed alternative medicine to work no better than a sugar pill.  However, now many doctors admit that alternative medicine often seems to do a better job of making patients well, and at a much lower cost, than mainstream care– and they are trying to learn from the positive results being shown.

Holistic Alternative Medicine Reno family doctors are practicing a type of recovery that treats the entire individual– body, mind, spirit, and emotions– in the pursuit of optimal health and wellness with this approach, one could attain optimal health by gaining proper complete balance in one’s life.

An alternative doctor may use all types of health treatment, from traditional drug to alternative therapies, to help a patient.  If a patient struggling with headaches goes to a fundamental alternative doctor, rather than just being given prescriptions, the medical professional will likely have a look at all the potential variables that might be causing the individual ‘s wellness problems including diet plan, rest habits, stress and individual problems.

A patient is a person, not a disease. Healing is involving the patient and doctor and addresses all parts of a person’s life using a variety of health practices. Treatment involves fixing the cause, not just alleviating the symptoms.

Holistic Medicine: What It Is, Treatments, Philosophy, and More

All natural practitioners utilize a range of treatment techniques to aid their patients to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. Depending on the practitioner ‘s training, these might include: diet, exercise, psychiatric therapy, as well as treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, homeopathy, massage treatment, naturopathy, and Western medicines and procedures.

Information on Acupuncture for Anxiety

Reno Alternative And Functional Medicine Treatments That Work


Every year we spend billions of dollars on natural medicine, everything from chiropractic care to hypnotherapy.

Natural medicine can do wonders– acupuncture, certain herbs, guided imagery yet, on the other hand, there are a whole lot of nonsense around.


So how do you know what alternative medicine works and what doesn’t? Just a decade ago, there were not many well-done, independent studies on alternative medicine so patients didn’t have many facts to guide them.

According to Article in Health » By Elizabeth Cohen

In 1999, eight academic medical centers, including Harvard, Duke and Stanford, banded together with the purpose of encouraging research and education on alternative medicine. Eight years later, the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine has 38 member universities and has gathered evidence about what practices have solid science behind them.

Here are experts from three of those universities, these practices are among the most promising because they have solid science behind them.

1. Acupuncture for pain

Hands, down, this was the No. 1 recommendation from our panel of experts. They also recommended acupuncture for other problems, including nausea after surgery and chemotherapy.

2. Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 for PMS.

Your Health Tools Health Library Healthology: Health Video Library

3. Glucosamine for joint pain

“It’s safe, and it looks like it’s effective, ” says Dr. Frederick Hecht, director of research at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. “It may be the first thing that actually reverses cartilage loss in osteoarthritis.”


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The Mistakes Often Made

A big mistake is that people don’t get a good natural product.  Protect yourself, look for “USP” or “NSF” on the labels read reviews.

Find a good practitioner with experience.  Make sure the alternative medicine practitioner you’re going to is actually trained to practice alternative medicine or medical acupuncture.

Be wary of crazy claims because we all know anything that sounds too good to be true probably is.

Once you embark on your journey with alternative medicine, take it slow.  Alternative medicine works, but not always as quickly as taking a drug and you may have to create lifestyle changes with exercise and diet to reap the full benefits.


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