Are you wanting to have acupuncture, Incline Village, 89451 or trying to find a family doc?  A common mistake is not knowing there are more choices?  

Aim to use a Medical Acupuncturist.  Wait, exactly what?  Seriously, when looking for a doctor or an acupuncturist Incline Village, 89451 know the choices.

Medical Acupuncture is carried out by a doctor who is trained and certified in conventional Western medication and has extensive training in acupuncture and Eastern medicine philosophies.  This approach allows the medical professional to use a combination of both techniques to treat an illness, injury or chronic condition.

This involves positioning very thin needles on numerous points on the body depending upon the signs or discomfort of the patient. Precise positioning of the needles draws energy to the wanted areas and enables favorable energy circulation. It can be effective for dealing with both injuries and chronic conditions.

Amaro, J, “What Conditions Does Acupuncture Treat,” Acupuncture Today, October, 2004, Vol 5, 10 In a main report, Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Medical Trials, the WHO(WHO)has listed the following signs, illness and conditions that have actually been shown through controlled trials to be treated effectively by acupuncture:

low neck and back pain

neck pain


tennis elbow

knee discomfort

peri arthritis of the shoulder


facialpain(consisting of craniomandibular conditions)


dental pain

temporomandibular (TMJ)dysfunction

rheumatoid arthritis

induction of labor

correction of malposition of fetus(breech presentation)

early morning illness

queasiness and throwing up

postoperative discomfort


essential hypertension

main hypotension

renal colic


negative responses to radiation or chemotherapy

hay fever including hay fever

biliary colic

depression(consisting of depressive neurosis and anxiety following stroke)

severe bacillary dysentery

primary dysmenorrhea

severe epigastralgia

peptic ulcer

severe and chronic gastritis

With a healthy interest in aesthetic appeals, anti-aging medication, and women’s health problems, Dr. William Clearfield frequently integrates Acupuncture in treatment regimens

personalizing a plan that optimally is suited to each client’s needs and desires.

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Though an ancient art, I fail to see how any doctor can run without any knowledge of Medical Acupuncture.